About: The Good Taste Guide

Good Taste isn’t one thing, it’s many, and it’s personal.  It’s your grandmother’s taste and your mother’s, and even your father’s or brother’s.  It’s a taste from your first trip abroad, or the lust you felt towards your best friend’s first communion dress.  It tastes of love.

Ideally, good taste hits you instinctively.  You hope that by the time you’ve made it to your 20s you’ve tasted enough, seen enough, that you can know, immediately, what taste is right for you.  This color blue, or that.  But what if you don’t yet know your taste?  Or you need a point in the right direction?  That, my friend, is when I hope you can turn to The Good Taste Guide.  Find joy in your discoveries, and find even more joy in learning, because it’s true that our journey is as good as our destination.