Spiked and Sparklin’ Thyme Ginger Lemonade, Just For Me


Last week I threw a party and no one came.  With my man out for the week and a very clean house all to myself (I fervently clean while alone to make myself feel more “relaxed”) it seemed an obvious choice.  It had been awhile since I set out some small decorations, whipped up something to imbibe and share, laid out some nibbles.  I perused my pinterest page for inspiration and was pleased to find something to riff off of.  It would allow me to use up my abundance of thyme and required nothing but some reasonably priced vodka and lemons and a little ginger for spice.

Determined to make this a perfect summer Friday, I treated myself to yoga after work, took my time at the grocery store as I purchased the lemons and some of my favorite potato chips and turned up the Taylor Swift upon returning home to my very clean apartment.  I gave myself time to get ready.  A long, long hot shower.  Slowly juicing twelve lemons.  Getting dressed up and made up, just for myself.  I turned off all the lights, lit all the candles in the house, and sat down on the couch with a good book to wait for my guests to arrive.

Sometimes evenings do not go as planned.

I don’t know if you’ve thrown a party and had nobody come.  I don’t know if you’ve thrown a party just for yourself.  But what began with disappointment at a lack of guests turned into an appreciation for the fact that I took time for myself.  I spent the evening precisely as I wished.  Taking time for myself at yoga.  Enjoying the meditative state of juicing lemons.  Picking fresh thyme from our porch garden.  Dressing up for myself, with T. Swift.  Sitting on the couch with a good book, a strong drink, and my favorite potato chips.

My hope for this lemonade is that you use it precisely as you wish: for a party, for yourself, to share with a friend.  It’s simple to make, sour as hell, and perfect for a hot summer night.


Spiked and Sparklin’ Thyme Ginger Lemonade

8 thick slices fresh ginger
2 cups lemon juice (about 12 lemons)
2 cups vodka
A very large handful of thyme
4 cups seltzer

Release flavor from ginger by turning your slice face up, laying the edge of a thick kitchen knife against it and whacking it with your fist.

Combine lemon juice, vodka, thyme, and ginger in a large pitcher.  Let sit in the fridge for at least two hours to allow flavors to permeate.

Add seltzer when ready to serve, on ice, with fresh thyme for garnish.


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