Gluten Free Peach Crisp or Making Do with a Botched Batch of Donuts

gluten-free-peach-crispToday I took a first shot at baking gluten free donuts.  Mixing up the xantham gum with the arrowroot, I patiently scraped out as much xantham gum as possible until I was left with what I hoped was 1/2 teaspoon instead of 1/4 cup.

I was left with a rather chewy batch of donuts.

Last Saturday I attended BlogHer Food here in Austin where I learned that Americans throw away enough food to fill up a football stadium with our trash.  Since then I have been diligently saving food remnants.  The freezer boasts a tupperware of odds and ends waiting to be made into broth.  The donuts would not go to waste.

Certain that the chewy texture was due to too much xantham gum I eyeballed an addition of oats, Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour mix and some hot water.  My hope?  That the chewy texture would lighten and the dense donuts would make a perfect cobbler topping.

My man whipped out the always reliable Thomas Keller to reference Keller’s crisp and we added a dusting of sugar, lemon zest, and flour to freshly cut Texas peaches.  Plopping the newly redefined dough on top, we shoved the re-vamped donuts into the oven at 350 degrees for forty-five minutes per Keller’s recommendation.  For a little extra crumble, I ground up the donuts in the blender and sprinkled them on top just before the crisp was complete.  Fingers crossed, it would at least be good with ice cream.

The cobbler is not perfect, but at least I am learning.  As I age, I realize that following a recipe perfectly is easy, winging it is never simple.  Winging it means running with the fear, risking a trashed batch of donuts, learning how to improve next time, and finally understanding what xantham gum does to a recipe.  It is a lovely binder.


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