I Dream in Color

I am dreaming in color lately.  I have built myself a gray-scale, neutral based wardrobe and it is finally hitting me that I can’t wear neutrals for the rest of my life.  I must embrace the bright colors I wore as a child.  I must smile broadly and step into the world in technicolor.  My pinterest page has reflected this need.  Color is everywhere.  The trick is incorporating it into my life.  Staring at my bright blue bedroom walls I imagine bright pink blouses, neon skirts, chartreuse heels.  Springtime is here.  I dream in color.  I shall live in color.

Sources, In Order: Nadia Aboulhosn, A Glamorous Little Side Project, The Year in Food
Siiso, Decorista Daydreams, Casey Keasler,
Electric Mannequins, A Cup of Mai, Merriment Events


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