Make Your Own Egg Cups

I adore painting but it’s been awhile since I’ve worked on my own art.  Lately, I’ve found joy in painting with a little less pressure and working on do it yourself projects.  Making your own egg cups is an extremely to do on your own.  Just pop into your local paint-your-own-pottery studio, and sit down for a few hours.

These cheerful little cups are festive year round and pretty enough to keep on display.  I love leaving them out on their own in a kitchen or on a mantle, dropping flower heads into their center, or displaying pretty little eggs in them around Easter.  I especially love decorating my own eggs and using them for Easter Sunday decorations.  They’re lovely used as place cards, just write your guests’ name on them in the best handwriting you can muster.

I’d recommend simplifying your craft process as much as your able.  If you’re a beginning painter, keep your flowers simple and large.  It’s much easier to paint them if you don’t have to worry about clumsy hands.  If you’re a more advanced painter, try working on something like the blue egg cup with the tiny flowers or the gestural egg cup with the dark background and pink flowers.  Always make sure to sketch out your pattern first with a pencil, the graphite will always come off in the firing process.  I’d recommend coming to the pottery store prepared, having sketched a design beforehand. Find inspiration in the ones I’ve created, or check out patterns on-line.  Flowers are perfect for Easter but consider trying an ikat pattern, polka dots, or even plaid.

How to Paint Your Own Egg Cups

Egg cup
Pottery paint
Paint brushes

Before you head to your local paint-your-own-pottery shop sketch out a pattern.  If you are a more advanced painter, try a difficult drawing whereas if you’re a beginner, keep your flowers simple, as like a child.

Sketch out the pattern you desire on your egg cup, the graphite will burn off in the firing process.  Choose your paint colors, making sure to see how they change when exposed to heat.  Generally I’d recommend only using three or four different colors, as it keeps things simple.

Begin painting your egg cups, starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest.    If you’re a beginning painter, consider using lighter colors as a background, and then painting over the background with your darker color set.  It is more difficult to paint around each flower than to paint them above a background.  Use short small paintbrushes for detailed strokes, long skinny ones for gestural strokes, and thick chubby ones for large strokes.  Be sure to repeat each coat of paint three or more times.  If you don’t paint enough strokes, the color will leave streaks.

Once your exterior pattern is complete, paint the interior or your egg cup.  Consider painting the interior of a festive pattern, or simply painting your rim, center, and sides different colors.  Pass your egg cups behind the counter and return when they’re done being fired.  Happy Easter!


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