It’s Finally Time for Spring (Shorts)!

It’s gorgeous.  So gorgeous it practically feels like summer.  And all I want is to wear shorts.  All I want is to shave my legs (or lazily not…), throw on some shorts, and let my legs breathe the cool air.

The thing is, shorts can be tricky.  You see, when it’s spring and you’re wearing shorts, you don’t want to, if I’m being nice, look provocative.  You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, revealing too much, showing too much.  It is after all, spring.  Not summer.  It’s not no holds barred yet.    So if you’re wearing shorts you need to be even keeled.

The easiest way I find to be even keeled is to keep your legs clean and layer on top.  Now is the perfect time to top your shorts with a chunky, lumpy grandma sweater, or in the case of this post, a cute top and a blazer.  I’ve taken this look towards the preppy direction, which I feel gives it a little wink.  But feel free to sub the oxfords with any other type of flat and the button-up with any sort of structured or frankly even loose blouse.

The fact is, when I look at my Pinterest page, I notice my Get Dressed board has an obscene amount of button-up shirts.  When I look in my closet, I notice my hangers are holding an obscene amount of button-up shirts.  I can’t help myself.  It’s a fact.  They are my go-to choice when I need something comfortable and oversize or structured and professional.  And so I’ve gone a little flirty with this top, which has sweet polka dots, that I purchased for short change at Forever 21.  But feel free to take this look into evening with a silk blouse, or bohemian with something loose and flowy.

blazer: LF stores   ~   top: Forever 21   ~   shorts: Urban Outfitters   ~   oxfords: Frye

Wearing Shorts in the Spring

1 button-up blouse
1 pair of jean shorts
1 blazer
1 long necklace
1 pair of oxfords

Throw on a cute pair of shorts, ideally higher in the waist.  Top with a blouse, and swing on a blazer.  Roll sleeves.  Top with a long necklace and slip on a pair of oxfords, without socks.  If you don’t own a pair of oxfords, a pair of casual sneakers, ballet flats, or slippers will do just as well.  If you’re hesitant about wearing flats without socks, sprinkle a little baby powder into the shoe to keep your foot from getting sweaty in the beautiful spring weather.  Step into the warm, beautiful air.


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