Taking Care: Lillet, Bitters, Gin

If I’m being honest with you, I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, hopefully stamped to an ending with having my phone stolen last night.  When life throws punches, I find the first response is not to act.  I must first take care of myself.

And so, I’ve taken a lot of long bubble baths, accompanied by a glass of wine.  I’ve been painting my nails.  I’ve gone to a variety of art museums on my own, including The Whitney, The Met, and The Aldrich.  I finished off Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, a book just hard enough to not make me feel guilty for not reading a classic.  And I’ve been treating myself to cocktails.

There’s something so gratifying about taking the time to make a cocktail in the early evening.  It is just difficult enough to feel like an action and far easier than tackling dinner.  The taste is strong and the pleasure is quick.  The added bonus is that a good, balanced cocktail keeps me from drinking as much.  A strong, slow taste leaves me satisfied and not thirsty for more, perfect for a weeknight pleasure.

I came home from work Thursday and treated myself to one of these simple pleasures.  I pulled out my Birthday Lillet from Pam and found a fabulous cocktail on The Kitchn that celebrates Bastille Day.  I poured and mixed and shook and stepped outside.  My mother, a woman of such force and confidence that she couldn’t help but take action with the first smells of spring–despite a painfully broken finger and tender kneecap–had just planted flowers.  She filled up her car with pansies and with the sun shining, spent Thursday planting all of her pots.  What a sight to come home to.  With the weather brisk enough to step outside without a coat, I took care of myself with a garden tour and a cocktail that tasted of freedom.

The Liberté

Serves 1

Adapted from The Kitchn

3 part Lillet Blanc
1 part gin
a few dashes angostura bitters
orange peel

Combine ingredients in a cocktail glass and shake.  Strain and serve; garnish with a slide of orange peel, twisted over the drink to release its oils.


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