A Perfect White Kitchen

There are beautiful things I dream of.  Perfectly roasting a chicken.  Bouquets of succulents.  A white kitchen.

A farm house sink.  Wooden counter-tops.  A giant farm table.  Vintage kitchenware.  The calm feeling that settles over me in lovely, simple spaces.  I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to cook in a calm kitchen.

But the perfect white kitchen is also a lovely representation of easy decorating.  The color palette is beyond simple: white.  Natural touches are perfect companions to a white backdrop: wood, worn pottery, touches of blue or green.  And with nature as your inspiration, you never have to worry about decorating to colors or trends, just take a look outside.

There are beautiful things I dream of and while I wait until they’re mine I collect.  I used to cut out photos from magazines.  And then I downloaded everything I loved onto my computer.  And now I “Pin.”  Do you?

Use your board to save the beautiful things you dream of, and every once in a while step back and observe your obsessions.  As you notice patterns in your desires you’ll begin to realize how to make things appear in your own life.  Dream big and do little.  I may never have my perfect white kitchen, but I can easily set out a collection of white pitchers or rosemary topiaries in petite white pots.

Sources, In Order: A Country Farm House, Keltainen talo rannalla, The Cottage Nest,
Simply Smitten
, Patterson Maker, Des*gn Sponge, Today I Love from My Decorating Pinterest Board


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