Easy, Sexy Smokey Eyes

The elusive smokey eye.  I’ve been trying it at home for a while now, a simple smudge here, a darker smudge there.  A subtle squint to deepen my allure…And then I invited my friend Sarah over–remember her from A Perfect Mess?  Sarah studied make-up in school.  I couldn’t have asked a better person to help me master this make-up trick.  Sarah tutored me in the basic smokey eye, a look that can be used for day or night depending on your need and depending on the colors in your palette.

The smokey eye begins with three shades of shadow.  I tend towards natural colors–a dark (green or red), medium (brown), and gold–but the same technique can be used with a variety of colors as long as they stick to three distinct shades.  I recommend buying one eye shadow kid that comes with three or four shades in place, that way you don’t need to invest in multiple shades that you won’t use to their fullest.  I purchased a set from FACE that I absolutely adore.  What I like about it too is that it is glossy, allowing me to use my finger to color my eyelids.  This makes me feel in control and allows me to very easily blend shades together.  Blending is the true trick to this technique.  As Sarah says, Just think of your eyelids as your canvas and your shadow as paint….

Easy, Sexy, Do-at-Home Smokey Eye

This Keep your eyes from looking harsh or high contrast by blending your colors together.  If your shades moves subtly from light to dark, your eye will be given heightened dimension and depth, increasing your allure…

Three shades of eye shadow: light, medium, dark
Eyeshadow brush or your finger
Eyelash curler (optional)

Start with your lightest shade.  Using a brush or your finger paint shadow onto eyelid as seen in Step 1 below.  Using your medium shade paint shadow onto eyelid as seen in Step 2 below.  As you would when painting, blend medium and light shade.  Using your darkest shade, paint shadow onto eyelid as seen in Step 3 below, blending shadows together.  Line lashes as seen in Step 4 with liner as desired, either with a pencil or a dark eyeshadow and skinny brush.  Depending on the shape of your face and eye, line bottom of eye if desired.  Curl eyelashes if desired and brush lashes with mascara.


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