Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cards

Making Valentine’s Day Cards can be easy.  I promise.  The trick is to keep it simple.  Simplicity works for the most talented artist or the beginner.  Anyone can write, and nobody has to draw a completely straight line.  This Valentine’s Day I’ve developed four cards for you to copy.  One is completely simple, one a little more complex, one a little more, and my favorite is inspired by a Rothko.  These cards feel like the ones we gave and received as children.  The playful nod to our youth allows your homemade sketches to feel right at home.   So invite some girlfriends (or guyfriends!) over, pop open a little wine (or make a Gin & Juice), and have FUN!

Valentine’s Day Card

I tend to enjoy seeing the pencil through these cards, it encourages their playful quality.  If you’re wary of your Valentine seeing pencil, I’d recommend penciling your design first, and then erasing it before finalizing it in ink.  Watercolor and markers tend to seal pencil in, and it’s difficult to erase only gray pencil marks if you’re drawing with colored pencils.

Quality paper, if on hand
X-Acto Knife or Scissors
Paint Set, Colored Pencils, or Markers – I used watercolors

Using a pencil and ruler, mark out the dimensions of your card.  If using an x-acto knife, hold ruler to drawn line and cut paper using the ruler as your guide.  If using scissors, fold paper along the line and then cut, using the fold as your guide.  Once paper is cut, fold directly in half.

Using a pencil, sketch your desired sketch.  If you’d like, use your ruler to guide your pencil to make a line to ensure straight text.  Pencil in desired text and/or image.  Draw over pencil with your paint, colored pencil, or maker.  Erase pencil line if desired.  Serve, sealing with a kiss.


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