3 Ways to Wear a Brooch (or Demystyfing the Brooch)

I used to wear brooches often. Then again that was high school–I hadn’t quite figured out how to wear them yet. I’d place them on t-shirts, cropped blazers, don a few at once. After a hiatus of 6 years, I think it’s time to regain the courage to wear them again. This time, I’m of taking a cue from history as opposed to my fashion whims.

I’ll admit I’ve been inspired by Mad Men and the 1960s. So you’ll see a few techniques that are direct references to vintage style. But you can always update your look by combining your brooch with more modern pieces.  The photograph above shows Sarah a brooch at the neck, a look more Victorian era than 1950’s.  Try it extremely feminine with a little black dress and heels or try it masculine with a black blazer, riding boots, and a loose pony tail, as above.

If you’re looking for a soft, feminine look, try wearing it like the photograph above.  Put on a soft button up and place a your brooch at the edge of the collar.  Make sure the brooch you choose is not too chunky and ideally one that’s as feminine as your top.

One of the simplest (and maybe most comfortable!) ways to wear a brooch is to place it on the collar of your blazer.  This style allows you to wear a chunkier brooch, or even a couple of smaller ones.  If you’re looking to wear it in a casual or modern style, be simple with it.  Be modern in your choice of other accessories like your shoes or earrings.  Just be sure, either way, to let the brooch shine.  Be simple in your choice of clothes and choose pieces that compliment each other nicely.  I’d recommend sticking to the basics: solid color shirts, classic makeup, and basic bottoms.


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