I Resolve. I Vow.

I don’t enjoy New Year’s Resolutions.  They make me feel pressured, and when I’m pressured I do the opposite.  Try to diet?  I eat worse.  Try to cut back on drinking?  I drink more. I tried resolving to blog more; I wrote one post in two weeks.  But give me something positive, something to do more as opposed to do less, and I’m there.  So this year, I’m going to keep it simple.  My New Year’s Resolution?  To take better care of myself.

This year I vow to take better care of my body.  I vow to brush my teeth two times a day.  I vow to floss.

I vow to paint my nails.  I vow to paint my fingernails and my toe nails.  I vow to sometimes go to the nail salon when I need an hour to myself to read magazines.  And I vow to remove the polish when it gets chipped.  And to cut my nails instead of bite them.

I vow to take baths.

I vow to not force myself to exercise but encourage myself to dance.  I vow to learn how to bellydance.

This year I vow to do things I enjoy.  Instead of crawling into bed at 8:30 and turning off the lights so I can watch TV because I’m tired, I vow to keep the lights on and do something I love.

I vow to write more.  I vow to write here more.  I vow to draw more.  I vow to create more.  I vow to cook.  I vow to paint.

I vow to take education into my own hands.  I vow to read more and to read better.  I vow to read nonfiction.  I vow to read how-to books.  I vow to read cook books.  I vow to read real, true, literature.

I vow to talk about the things that I’ve learned.  I vow to support intellectualism and not scoff at it.  I vow to ask more questions.  I vow to learn from other people.

I vow to allow myself to turn someone else down in order to take care of myself.  I vow to not feel guilty about that.  Instead, I vow to congratulate myself when I take care of myself.  I vow to give myself credit and support.


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