The Best Pancakes? Perfecting Aunt Jemima

Note: I was planning on running this post this weekend, to allow you to celebrate New Year’s brunch with an easy pick-me-up.  But then I thought about all of you with time off, like me, and how pancakes are perfect for a weekday that you should be working.  So enjoy!  And Happy New Year’s!

Though I adore cooking, baking is my first true love.  So you’d think a girl like me would have a perfect recipe for pancakes, and I do, but it’s not what you expect…it comes from Aunt Jemima.

Alright, alright, I know, I know, Have I tried real homemade pancakes?  Yes.  I have.  They are never as good.  They are too crispy or too fluffy.  They just don’t taste right.  Like a good chocolate chip cookie, good pancakes are perfect because they remind me of my first pancake.  And my first pancake was plain jane Aunt Jemima with Aunt Jemima syrup–We didn’t even have real Vermont Maple syrup in the house until I purchased it.  So this recipe is not really a true recipe, it’s more the perfect techniques for making well-cooked Aunt Jemima pancakes.  The tips for perfecting the batter, good substitutions, and wonderful additions.

Our family’s tricks?  Substitute melted butter for the vegetable oil.  Like anything else you’d bake, combine the wet ingredients and then add the dry.  Use whole milk if it’s on-hand.  And if you can, add toppings.  In the above photo you’ll see semi-sweet chocolate chips (always on hand in a best dessert is a chocolate chip cookie household), frozen blueberries (though please use fresh if they’re on hand), and sliced banana.

Perfect Aunt Jemima Pancakes

3/4 cup whole milk
1 egg
1 tablespoon butter, melted in the microwave
1 cup Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
Various toppings, to taste

Heat griddle or skillet over medium/low until very hot.  You’ll know the pan is ready when a drop of water sizzles quickly.

Mix milk, egg, and butter until smooth.  Add pancake mix to wet ingredients until just  combined, when the large clumps have decreased but the batter is still relatively lumpy.

Season skillet with butter.  To do this, hold a stick of butter with a paper towel, and rub it against the pan to provide a light covering.  Ladle a few tablespoons of pancake batter onto skittle until pancake reaches desired size.  Top with desired fillings.  Cook pancakes when they start to bubble (as in the above photo) and reach a golden brown, a couple of minutes.  Flip and cook until golden brown, about a minute.  Serve immediately with butter, syrup, or sugar as desired.


36 thoughts on “The Best Pancakes? Perfecting Aunt Jemima

  1. Unbelievable pancakes, oh my gosh. Thanks for this awesome recipe, I’ve been wanting to cook pancakes like this for years!

  2. This is how I’ve made my pancakes for years! Although, I don’t add the butter to the mix. Usually I play around with the flour:milk ratio to get fluffier or flatter pancakes, depending upon who is eating them. I don’t add much milk because like mine fluffy as that’s how my mom served me my first pancake years ago — with Aunt Jemima syrup of course.

    I used to think Aunt Jemima syrup WAS maple syrup until I visited Vermont. Even though I also have grade A light and medium and grade B maple syrup, I still always make sure I have Aunt Jemima syrup available for when I get tired of the taste of maple syrup. My girl hates me for insisting on stocking it but I gotta!

    Also, I always beat the egg. Next time, I’m going to give it a go with buttermilk. Actually that’s how I landed here (searching for recipes w/ jemima mix and buttermilk). I know it’s not the same but I have extra buttermilk on hand and figured it’d work.

    After that I’m definitely trying it with regular ol’ whole milk and butter as you suggest.

    • Philip, I loved hearing your advice on milk:flour ratios! I haven’t experimented much baking pancakes and now feel so excited to start trying new things and changing the texture up. Definitely look forward to hearing how the buttermilk goes, I’m sure it would be delicious and the Southerner in me wants to eat buttermilk pancakes with fried chicken on top.

      • WOW…… i m looking for breakfast for tommorrow and i happened to come to this page….. it really looks delicous but im lactose intolerant :(….. any other suggestions…. and i said wow because we just finished having KFC… FRIED CHICKEN IS WHAT I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I need help I’m following the recipe but mine always end up tasting like eggs I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

    • I have to admit I felt the same way in regards to the eggy taste. But… let me say that I always HATED making pancakes according to any of the standard recipes on the pancake boxes. This is one of the first times I think the pancakes have rocked!! The pancake did fluff up real nicely. The inside had the consistency and eggy taste you usually get from the inside of a french toast. It wasn’t bad at all. Overall I loved the recipe and I think it’s a great starting point for me. Thanks so much.

  4. On TV Discovery channel , How it’s made, make Aunt Jemima 10″ pan cakes. I can’t find the 10″ cakes in the stores which I want to buy??
    Who buys them for resale…. what grocery store sells them?

  5. Starting to bake for the first time in my life and itching to try these; how long should I put the butter in the microwave before mixing all the ingredients together? Also, from what I understand this will make about 10 pancakes; I presume you bake the entire batch and wrap up the leftovers?

    • First off, congrats on baking for the first time! Hopefully this will be the start of a long adventure.

      As for the butter, try it for 15 seconds, if it needs longer, slowly add some time. You don’t want to over-melt and let it burn.

      As for leftovers, I would recommend baking what you would like to eat and refrigerating the rest of the dough, leaving extra for tomorrow’s breakfast! You can definitely wrap the leftovers but the pancakes will feel rubbery when left out.

  6. thanks for the wonderful recipe, trying it today! when mixing all ingredients, do we still need to mix the aunt jemima pancake mix with water or just do it as stated above with the rest of the ingredients??

    • Holly, I would recommend cutting the water and using milk instead, I prefer whole milk, so I would recommend following the recipe as you see it above, hopefully you wont have any problems. Enjoy!

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