Red Lipstick? Can Do!

I’m in love with red lipstick.  When I go out in it I feel special, I feel beautiful, I feel unique.  I get an extra kick in my step.  But, I’m here to let you in on a little secret, anyone can wear it.  The old laments that only certain kinds of people can wear red lipstick?  Lies.  Anyone can do it.

The trick, a good one, is beyond simple.  To be the kind of person who wears red lipstick means only saying that you are.  All it takes is finding the courage, the confidence, the strength that you already have as a woman, to reach inside and say, I’m that kind of girl.  I’m the kind of girl who I say I am.  I wear what I please, I do what I please, I look as I please.  I am who I portray myself to be.

Once you’ve found it within yourself to head to the store to purchase a tube, remember a few things…

1.  Find good advice.  If it’s your first time purchasing red lipstick, head to a department store, or brand’s boutique to meet with a make-up expert.  Take the time to sit in their chair and let them pick out a color for you.  They’ll do so based on your skin tone, and once they’ve chosen it, don’t be afraid to stick with that exact shade forever.  I’ve had good luck with Benefit Cosmetics and FACE.

2.  Splurge.  Quality lipstick not only lasts longer, but when you go for such a bright shade it tends to seep outside of your lip line.  This is easily fixed with liner, but if you’re not ready to make two major purchases, focus on the lipstick.  Plus, you’ll want your lipstick to last beyond a couple of months, as you’ll only be wearing the shade on certain occasions.

3.  Don’t be afraid to stray from pure red.  My two favorite bright colors are a pure, silky, shiny red from Clarins and an orange matte from NARS.  The orange is preferable in summertime, and the red makes me feel dressed up, and particularly French.  Feel free to stray to reds and oranges like me, or even bright pinks or mauves.

Once you’ve pocketed your new lipstick, the challenge is figuring out how to wear it.  The fortunate thing is, it’s supremely easy.  Bright lipstick works on any occasion and with any clothing.  I tend to prefer it at night, but I’m partial to wearing during the day if I’m in the right environment, such as a city.  It is a fabulous way to instantly dress-up jeans and a t-shirt, and equally makes a little black dress special.  Remember to leave the rest of your make-up simple, just a little mascara and no blush, as you’ll want to focus your bright colors on only one part of your face.

Now go out, with faith, with a kick in your step.  Smooth some bright lipstick onto your lips and hold your head high.  You’ll ooze of confidence.


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