Bang ~ Twist

My bangs have been getting long.  They fall in my eyes, lay flat against my forehead, or stick out straight when they’re pulled back.  Fortunately, I’ve found the perfect solution.  A simple twist.

What I love about this solution is that it takes less than a minute, stays in place rather firmly, and looks lovely with my hair down or pulled back in a pony or bun.  Be inspired by this technique, it’s also an easy way to hold hair in the back when forming a side braid.  Simply twist hair tight, moving in the direction of where the braid will fall, until you reach your shoulder.  Then, hold it in place by weaving it into your braid.

Bang ~ Twist
how to make a simple bang twist

1 bobby pin

Brush bangs to the side of your head.  Remove a small piece of hair, about a quarter inch thick, and move so that it is perpendicular to the rest of your hair.  Hold it in place as you grab a second strand and twist it over the first.  Simultaneously let the first strand fall.  As you repeat the technique grab pieces that are a further away from your face.  This allows the twist to move along your head.  Taking a bobby pin, pin twist into place (for tips on pinning, head to A Perfect Mess)


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