Making GREEN Pleasurable

Why is it that talking about the environment quickly feels so preachy?  Is it the high stakes?  High passion?  The ease with which it turns into fear?  I’d like to discuss plastics with you, so let’s step into conversation quietly.  Let’s start slow…

I’ve been trying to cut down on how much I consume.  It’s a challenge at first since it’s all based on habit.  Using separate sandwich bags for separate snacks.  Forgetting my reusable bags in the car and not feeling like returning to grab them.  Buying a few bottles of water in NY–hey, a girl’s thirsty!  These things are so easy to do.  But they all went away when I learned something that scared me.

It takes 600 years for plastic to decompose.  It does so through photosynthesis, which can be a problem when we consider how much of it is disposed of in the ocean.  So, in its 600 years it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, pieces easily mistaken for food by fish.  Plus, all those bottles I’ve felt so good recycling?  They usually end up in giant piles getting picked through individually by works in conditions of horror.  I was scared into decreasing my waste.  And it worked.

But the fear is not what this post is about.  This post is about the pleasure.  It’s about giving you simple, appealing solutions.  When taking reusable bags into the grocery store is no longer a chore, but a moment of pleasure.  A moment in which we step out of the car proud to be able to do our part.  And we step out a little happy with the reusable bags we purchased.  After all, they’re stylish.

This post is the introduction to going green.  Consider this post your gateway, after all, changing your life takes hard work and plenty of time.  From hereon out it’s easy going, from hereon out we’ll discuss fabulous, pleasurable ways of changing our lifestyle.


One thought on “Making GREEN Pleasurable

  1. Bravo! It is good to care about the impact we humans have on this planet for the sake of our convenience. And you are right: I takes time to change habits.

    But the good news is that New York, like San Francisco Bay Area where I live, has some of the cleanest water in the USA. I bought a cool and colorful BPA-free bottle with a flip up spout. Easy to use, and far cheaper than paying for water that costs more than gasoline!

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