Wishing You a Crabby Christmas

My mother made this Christmas wreath last year. She makes one every year for the Darien Nature Center Festival of Wreaths. As a reminder, my mother is garden designer, landscape architect, all-around flower woman. A creative type, which makes me lucky, because she was able to pass some of it on genetically.

This wreath was inspired on Cape Cod in the summertime, Mom walked up and down the beaches collecting horseshoe crabs. She brought the smelly creatures home, into the garage, and stored them until Christmas. When it came time to prepare her wreath, she used a basic evergreen on hand, and pulled my glue gun out of the basement. The wreath went over very well at the Festival. So well, in fact, that it was one of the highest bidded wreath of the evening.

Wishing You a Crabby Christmas Wreath

Mom used a fluffy evergreen as the base, which you’d be able to find at a gardener’s center, or even your local grocery store. But feel free to be creative, try a different kind of green, or even go organic with a base of grapevine. So too should you feel creative in the object that you glue to the wreath. Horseshoes are fabulous, but so are seashells, dried flowers, really anything that you have on hand in a large quantity. Just paint your items in a desired color, in gold like my mother, or maybe silver, green, blue, whatever is inspiring to you.

One evergreen wreath
Horseshoe crabs
Gold spray paint
Glue gun

Spray horseshoe crabs with a solid coating of spray paint. Let dry. Before gluing, prepare wreath by placing the crabs where desired. When arranged as desired, begin gluing one crab at a time. Using a glue gun, trace glue around the outer edges of horseshoe crab. Stick to wreath. Repeat until all crabs are used. Let dry overnight.


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