Flower Arranging Made Easy

Good Taste comes from your past.  My good taste often comes from my parents.  My mother is a professional garden designer, and we always have fresh flowers or greens in the house.  We’re filled with potted plants, succulents, orchids, topiaries.  It makes coming home feel full of life.

Growing up with flowers makes flower arranging easy.  Your eye adjusts to how to incorporate varieties together, how to play with height, with volume.  But the fact is, flower arranging is difficult.  It’s easy to cut greens too short, or too tall.  It’s hard to know how much of a flower’s greens to remove in order to get the right volume, or which flowers will match together.  But there are ways to simplify and achieve perfection easily, quickly.  I offer you one of the simplest arrangements you can find.  Simply use one color, one type of flower, and your arrangement will always look clean, elegant, and in good taste.

If you’re arranging the flowers for an event at a small round table, I suggest one vase in the center of the table.  But if you’re serving for a crowd at a long, rectangular, dinner table, I’d suggest taking a cue from my mother’s arrangement this Thanksgiving.  Place flowers in three smaller containers and line them up.

I’d suggest looking for flowers wherever you’ll be able to find them the least expensive.  Stop and Shop, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods all have a wonderful selection of in-season varieties.

Simple, Single-Color Flower Arrangement

If you’re just starting off and don’t yet own a vase, don’t fret!  Containers can be found all over your home.  Try leftover jars or wine bottles for a more rustic look, or teapots for a more vintage one.  Don’t be afraid to use champagne flutes, beer mugs, or even coffee mugs.

Three, even-sized containers
Two five bunch stems of sunflowers

Choose the amount of flowers you’d like to use.  To do this, make sure that you have enough that there are no gaps in your arrangement.  You’ll know there are too many if the stems are tight against each other and they look stuffed. If your flowers have greens all up and down the stem, trim off.

Cut all of your flowers one height, much taller than your vase at first.  Place flowers in vase and if they are too tall, cut down.  You’ll know they are too tall if the stem is sticking out awkwardly.

If you are using your arrangement as a table setting for a party, make sure the height of your arrangement is no taller than the distance from your elbow to your hand when making a fist.  You want to make sure that everyone will be able to see one another from across the table.  Be sure to change your water frequently, to keep flowers fresh.


3 thoughts on “Flower Arranging Made Easy

  1. There is never a moment that my home does not have fresh flowers in it. It is a practical and essential part of choosing to grow up like not passing out from drinking (unless its a really big birthday), procuring a savings account and throwing out all your socks with holes in them.

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