A Color Coded Bookshelf

My room is bright, and clean. It has to be clean because I have a lot of stuff. I’m a collector. Big time.

For awhile my books were arranged by genre. There was film-my major in college-, philosophy, history, fiction, decorating, cooking, baking, crafts. And I’d sit at my desk and look over to my shelves for inspiration and think, “oh.” “Oh. They look, alright.” And then I’d look away. Back to the computer.

Finally frustrated by their lack of order I stood up one day and began over again. Organization and design through color coding. Coffee table books on one shelf, fiction and non-fiction on another. Color coding is simple, just recall the rainbow: red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to purple. I placed white first, then black, then brown, to red.

This is the perfect trick for those of you on a budget, looking for any source of brightness objects can bring to a room. You don’t need many focal artwork pieces if there is a color scale on your shelves. And for those of you looking for simple transformations, this immediately impacts the way we regard our rooms. It brings spark, and life, and order. And if you’re looking to keep it more simple? To allow the books to fade into the background? Choose books that match the color palette of your room, and they’ll simply become part of the scheme.

But was amazed me is how much joy they bring me every day. Every day I look over to the shelves in awe of my collection. Inspired to seek out the books I haven’t read, and cuddle up with my all time favorites. And this daily inspiration, this daily joy, is what makes the biggest impact to our lives. It’s the little things that make us happy, isn’t it? What’s yours?


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