A Perfect Mess

A perfect messy bun has always been an enigma to me.  I try it on myself and end up with a rat’s nest.  Then my friend Sarah Lewis shows up with a perfect mess.  A bird’s nest to my rat’s.  A glamorous, natural, beautiful bird’s nest.

Lucky for me (and you!) Sarah has made the messy bun easy.  Extremely easy.  The steps are simple and your bun can be finished in under a minute.  All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins.  Here’s how to do it…

A Perfect Mess
how to make a perfect messy bun

Hair tie
4 bobby pins

Grab all of your hair, as you would when making a pony tail. Using your hair tie, make your traditional, simple, messy bun.  To do this, wrap your hair tie once around the pony tail.  As you hold your pony with one hand, use the other to pull hair into a loop.  Wrap the loop with the remaining hair tie until held loosely.

Pull your bun apart until your hair feels like it will fall out of it’s hold.  Taking a bobby pin, pin a section of the bun into place.  Repeat in each of the four sides of your bun.


  • For thin hair: tease hair before assembly.  To do this, grab all of your hair and, using a regular brush make three or four backward strokes
  • For hair that hasn’t been washed (and looks like it!): use dry shampoo on the roots before assembly
  • To perfect pining technique: As in figure 1, hold your pin towards the bun, insert into bun, and through a 180 degree rotation reverse the direction of the pin.
  • Four pins is a guideline, use or more or less as long as the bun doesn’t feel as though it will fall out.
  • If you finish and dislike the silhouette, repeat.  The bun is different each time, and practice makes perfect.

p.s.  Keep your eye out for more of Sarah here at GTG.  She’s going to be a regular offender.


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