silk button-up + cropped jeans + flats = perfect every time

One of the items of clothing I’d been dying for since last spring was a silk button-up.  When I say dying for I’m being a little dramatic: I’m dying for a long list of clothes, shoes, accessories…but button-up shirts are a staple in my closet.  They’re easy to wear a few days a week, look fabulous with any pant or skirt, and I adore wearing them over dresses to make them casual.  But I wanted a silk button-up badly because it was far more formal-and feminine!-than the usual cast of shirts in my closet.

When on the search for preppy, classic basics, I tend to turn to J.Crew.  Their inventory changes every couple of weeks, so they always have a sale.  Not only that, they usually have a sale on their sale.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic to learn that the silk button-up I wanted had been marked down 40% and there was an additional 30% off.  It was a bargain at $40.  Though I’d consider this shirt a trend, since you’ll notice it everywhere this fall in a variety of colors, I’d also consider it a basic.  It’s feminine, sexy nature dresses up and down easily and provides a lovely twist on a cotton blend.

But how do you wear it?  The simplest, most classic combination works no matter what the fabric.  Pair your button-up with a cropped jean and a fun flat.  Nod to Audrey Hepburn, kick up your heels, and you’ll feel fresh without having to work hard at matching fabrics or putting together an outfit.  Even better?  Add an easy punch with a fun, chunky necklace.  I’ve paired it here with a vintage, Native American inspired-pendant but the outfit would also look fabulous with a chunky, colorful choker, long leather strands, truly anything that transforms the outfit from classic to modern.

If you’re dressing for cold weather, top the outfit off with a masculine parka or jacket.  I’ve paired it here with a gray parka, but it would look fabulous with cargo, jean, or workman’s khaki.  If you’ve invested in the fur vest trend for winter, pull the whole look together by wearing it under your coat.  So too should you throw on slippers in snakeskin, leopard, or velvet.  But don’t fret!  A chunky sweater works just as well as fur, and ballet flats just as well as slippers.  Just remember: silk button-up + cropped jeans + flats = perfect every time.

Shirt, J.Crew
Jeans, J.Crew
Snakeskin Flats, L.F. Stores
Necklace, Vintage
Coat, Barney’s Outlet


4 thoughts on “silk button-up + cropped jeans + flats = perfect every time

  1. I love the idea of layering fur under a parker, sweet as! I have a fair few vintage furs and never quite know how to wear them without looking like a 60-year-old overly-tanned lady who wears wigs and drinks cocktails for breakfast (not that that’s ALWAYS bad… But it’s nice to mix it up)

    • I must admit to you: my coat came that way. I convinced myself the purchase was worth its price because it was three in one: parka, vest, vest/parka. But I love it because I don’t zip them up and wear them all together. I get hot? I take off the parka and just wear the vest! It’s great right now with boots and patterned button ups (and feels particularly bohemian when they’re mahogany cowboy boots and a paisley vintage shirt).
      As for your vintage furs, don’t feel old as long as you wear it playfully! I adore my 60s mink coat with absolutely everything as it makes me feel like a kid in my mother’s dress up closet. I wear it with jeans, ripped tights, and l.b.d.s
      p.s. Love your blog. Drink cocktails for breakfast in your fur and make it a party. (Oh! That would be a lovely post!)

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