Antique Needlepointed Cocktail Napkins

On Thursday night my family and I were all lounging around the TV, it is after all the best night for television.  Inspired by the family in such close vicinity, I said, “You know what I want to do this weekend?  Go to an estate sale.”  Per Dad’s recommendation, I opened up the paper to a large-size ad for an Elizabeth Jackson Estate Sale.  Elizabeth Jackson sales are la creme de la creme, the best of the best.  Excited by the possibility of fabulous finds, Mom and I trekked to the sale in the rain (scarves and ponchos to cover our hair) to discover a lovely, Grecian home, filled with high-scale antiques.

There among white linen tablecloths from the 80s, a Vera Wang ball gown, and veiled hats I found hand-needlepointed cocktail napkins.  For five dollars.  Given the $200 price of the Vera Wang, you can understand that this was a steal.

I have to admit something to you.  At first glance I thought, no, no, I don’t need those.  I have too many things for an apartment that doesn’t exist yet.  And then I remembered how small they were, how wonderful priced, and how whole-heartedly I adore them.  I was convinced by the idea of laying them out at a bar, and smiling over them every day.

Something like hand-made cocktail napkins are perfect gut-purchases because they are so easily incorporated into your home.  They are adorable laid out on your bar, as you’d first suspect, but so too would they be wonderful in individual frames.  Be open-minded about what you make your art on your walls–these napkins are just as vibrant on your walls as a photograph or screen print.


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