A Good T-Shirt: The Gray Scale

Oh, the t-shirt.  So perfect, always, with jeans.  Like media, the style of the jeans is the message.  Make it grunge with your boyfriend’s, rolled to show your petite ankles  Or rocker with tight black pants and combat boots.  Or fresh and airy with a cropped pair as blue as the Texas sky.

But aren’t those t’s oh so perfect too with everything else?  Throw it over a formal black skirt and a pair of heals, pull out your blazer on and say, “I threw this together but don’t I look adorable?”  Or match it to your maxi skirt, your cargo pants, your mini wool skirt, your l.b.d.  Alright, alright, enough of my daydreaming, you can figure out the combinations but how do you get your hands on this shirt in the first place?

The first tip for purchasing t-shirts is to get them in a gray scale.  Every girl must have the perfect black t and the perfect white one, but if she’s not feeling extreme, gray is where she can sit.  Gray allows you the flexibility of neutrality and is thereby easy to pair with any type of jewelry, any color shoe, any level of formality.  Once you’ve got the t-shirt, don’t be afraid to be ambitious with how you wear it.  Try it with a bright solid; you’ll instantly have an outfit without having to worry about matching colors or patterns.  The neutral gray is perfect because it goes fabulously with your statement pieces: those yellow heels, your super chunky necklace, your animal print blazer.  It will always work when used in moderation.

As to where to find these perfect specimens, the wonderful thing is that they are everywhere.  If you have the ability to super-splurge try Alexander Wang or the Row.  If you want a moderate splurge, try Vince of James Pearce.  A good priced shirt comes from Gap or J.Crew, and a bargain from Old Navy.  Make sure to try on a variety of styles and fits (loose, tight, three-quarter sleeves, v-neck) to discover what looks good on you.  And once you find that perfect t-shirt, don’t leave with just one in your bag.  Buy it in as many colors as you can, and get your little butt out that door!


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